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Rex Regum, Op.23

Friday, 19 December 2014

Funeral (processional, religious) march

Grade 4

8 min. aprox.

Funeral (processional, religious) march winner of the First Prize by National Composition Competition from Toledo.

Program notes 

First Prize by National Composition Competition from Toledo.


The meaning of Rex Regum is "King of Kings". Therefore, it's a march that always keeps the image of Jesus during his passion. The first part symbolizes when Jesus is arrested. It's worth highlighting trumpets and trombone calls contrasting with melancholic lines of woodwind instruments. Instead of building up the composition into two blocks (according to tradition) Pérez Garrido preferred to do it into three parts for getting the symbolic idea of this divine number.

Thus, Rex Regum has a central section dominated by a politonal fanfare reinforced by metal and percussion instruments. It suggests that after Jesus' trial his sentence to death is inevitable.

After finishing this section, we reached the awaited final trio, where a melody of hope (counterpointed by a solo from the piccolo and the glockenspiel) turns into a triumphant anthem whose melodic lines -marked by irregular music elements- tend to end in a glorious finale that represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ.



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April 2nd, 2012
Teatro de Rojas from Toledo
Ciudad de Toledo concert band / Manuel Manzaneque, conductor



Concurso de Marchas Procesionales “Ciudad de Toledo” Vol. I



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