Sunday, 02 August 2015

Any instrument(s)

Indeterminate duration

Romantic and expressive work that gives its name to the Concurso Internacional para Solistas y Grupos de Cámara, an online music competition held since 2012.

Ask for an original and numbered manuscript in black ink on parchment:

Program notes

This indeterminate composition has a lyrical melody that can be played by any instrument. At the end of it, a repetition under the words "Repeat Freely" invites us to restate the music theme doing all the variations we deem necessary until we decide that the work must be completed. For polyphonic instruments there are harmonic indications so that the melody can be accompanied. Curiously, the title of the work is also represented by it staves being thus not only a musical but also a visual artwork.



Contact composer:



Concurso Internacional para Solistas y Grupos de Cámara "Ro, 2012" - Online

First Prize: Carlos Gigante Sevilla, clarinet



Rocío González


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