Premiere of Works from the Contemporary Composition Techniques Classroom at CSMN

Premiere of Works from the Contemporary Composition Techniques Classroom at CSMN

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The first interdisciplinary project of the Conservatory of Music in Navarra between the Violin classroom of Professor Garazi Echeandia and the Contemporary Music Composition Techniques classroom of Professor Javier Pérez Garrido will culminate this week with the premiere of two works created and performed for the occasion by students. Specifically, the compositions "Sorgin Gaua" by Izaro Txapartegui and "Exploraciones" by Nicolás Iribas will be presented. The first performance of these works will be given by the violinists who have collaborated in this creative experience: Elena González and Rosa Bermejo.

The two compositions that will be presented are "Sorgin Gaua" by Izaro Txapartegui and "Exploraciones" by Nicolás Iribas. These works represent two different approaches to important creative languages of the 20th century. "Sorgin Gaua" draws inspiration from Neoclassicism, while "Exploraciones" is based on Texturalism. Both the creation and interpretation of these works have provided students with the opportunity to express themselves through other languages and techniques that have emerged beyond traditional tonal music.

The Contemporary Music Composition Techniques classroom of Javier Pérez Garrido focuses on exploring and experimenting with various compositional approaches and methods used in contemporary music. Javier Pérez Garrido, as the instructor, likely guides students in understanding and applying techniques such as serialism, extended techniques, texturalism, aleatoric elements, and other innovative approaches to composition.

In this classroom, students are encouraged to think outside the box and push the boundaries of traditional tonal music. They may explore different forms of notation, unconventional sound production, and interdisciplinary collaborations. The goal is to foster creativity and provide students with a platform to express themselves through unique and contemporary musical languages.

Through this classroom, students have the opportunity to develop their compositional skills, engage in critical listening and analysis of contemporary music, and ultimately create their own original compositions that reflect their personal artistic vision. The premiere of their works allows them to showcase their creativity and present their musical ideas to a wider audience, fostering growth and further exploration in the field of contemporary composition.

From this platform, we would like to encourage everyone to attend the premiere, which will take place next Wednesday at the scheduled audition at 2:30 PM in Room 24.II of the Higher Conservatory of Navarra. We also take this opportunity to congratulate all participants in this exciting musical adventure.


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