Pérez Garrido is becoming one of the most relevant emergent international musicians. Europa Press, April 2014


Curriculum Vitae


Composer, conductor, clarinetist and teacher, Javier Pérez Garrido has studied with many renowned musicians in Spain and other countries, earning various High Degrees from the Conservatory and the University of Murcia.

Pérez Garrido has taken part in numerous national and international music contests and has been awarded more than 20 prizes, including the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at the famous Global Music Awards in California and the Akademia Music Awards in Los Ángeles. He has also been officially nominated for the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards and the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, among others.

As a composer, Pérez Garrido has created an extensive and diverse catalogue of a hundred works, some of them published and recorded in Cd´s by Molenaar (The Netherlands), Cimarron Music Press (the United States), Egge Verlag (Germany), Piles and Brotons & Mercadal (Spain) and others. Likewise, music institutions and musicians around the world, such as the International Trumpet Guild, the European Union Youth Wind Orchestra or the Banda da Armada Portuguesa have commissioned him to write new pieces. His compositions have been premiered and performed in European as well as American and Asian countries, and listened to by outstanding personalities, including the King and Queen of Spain.

As a clarinetist he played as a soloist with the European Union Youth Wind Orchestra in the 2009 and 2001 tours, and as a member of the orchestra in the 2013 tour, which premiered one of his compositions. He has also played with the Spanish Youth National Orchestra (2007 - 2011), the FIOJ International Orchestra (2007) and the Murcia Youth Orchestra, among others. He has performed in many of the most important European concert halls. Furthermore, he has offered frequent recitals as a soloist, among which we can highlight the premiere of 30 compositions by worldwide composers at Fifteen Minutes of Fame, New York.

As a conductor, he has conducted several Spanish orchestras, like the Camerata Orchestra from Murcia, the Alter Musici Orchestra, and the bands Didsbury High School Symphonic Winds from Canada, the Sociedad Unión Musical Santa Cecilia from Caudete, Albacete, the Banda de Música Ciudad de Toledo, the Asociación Músico Cultural Julián Sánchez-Maroto from Manzanares, Ciudad Real, the Sociedad Unión Musical  Ribarroja del Turia from Valencia, the Asociación Musical “El Castillo” from Serón, Almería and the Agrupación Musical Maestro Martín Díaz from Argamasilla de Alba, Castilla la Mancha.

Nowadays, Pérez Garrido continues composing, conducting, playing and teaching master classes in various music schools and conservatories such as the Narval Conservatory and the music school Alter Musici, both of them in Cartagena, Spain.

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-WINNER by the AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARDS, Los Ángeles (US, 2018) 





-FIRST PRIZE by I Nacional Concert Band Composition Competition Ciudad de Toledo (2012)

-FIRST PRIZE and HONORABLE MENTION by XVI Nacional Concert Band Composition Competition Villa de Pozo Estrecho (Spain, 2008)

-THIRD PRIZE by IV Nacional Concert Band Composition Competition San Pedro del Pinatar (Spain, 2013)

-FIFTH PRIZE by International Symphonic Concert Band Composition Competition "Adolf Ventas", Amposta (2006)

-FIRST HONORABLE MENTION by II International Brass Ensemble Composition Competition Isla Verde (Argentina, 2012)

-HONORABLE MENTION by National Composition Competition Manuel Carrascosa from Buñol, Valencia (2013)

-FIRST HONORABLE MENTION by III Nacional Concert Band Composition Competition Ciudad de Toledo (2014)

-SELECTED by Fifteen Minutes for Fame to premiere his composition "0:51, Op.51" in New York City (US, 2012)


-FIRST PRIZE and HONORABLE MENTION by CXVI International Band Music Competition "Ciudad de Valencia", Spain. (Agrupación Musical Sauces, 2002)

-FIRST PRIZE and HONORABLE MENTION by III International Band Music Competition "Villa de Aranda", Spain. (Agrupación Musical Sauces, 2002)

-FIRST PRIZE by II National Band Music Competition "Acordes Caja Madrid", Spain. (Banda Sinfónica del Conservatorio Superior de Murcia, 2008)

-FIRST PRIZES by National Band Music Competition "Ciudad de Murcia" -VII, IX and XIV Editions-, Spain.(Agrupación Musical Sauces, 1997, 1999 y 2004)

-FIRST PRIZE by XXVIII National Band Music Competition "Campo de Criptana", Spain. (Agrupación Musical Sauces, 2002)

-FIRST PRIZE by XII National Band Music Competition "Ciudad de Leganés", Spain. (Agrupación Musical Sauces, 2002)

-SECOND PRIZE by XXXII International Band Music Competition "Villa de Altea", Spain. (Agrupación Musical Sauces, 2003)

-THIRD PRIZE by CXXIV International Band Music Competition "Ciudad de Valencia", Spain. (Agrupación Musical Sauces, 2010)

-HONORABLE MENTION by I National Band Music Competition "Acordes Caja Madrid", Spain. (Banda Sinfónica del Conservatorio Superior de Murcia, 2007)

CLARINET -soloist-

-FIRST PRIZE by VII Regional Competition for Young Musicians Entre Cuerdas y Metales (Spain, 2004)

-FINALIST by XVI National Competition for Young Musicians Ruperto Chapí (Spain, 2003)


-FINALIST by II National Chamber Music Competition "Acordes Caja Madrid", Spain (Athenea Trio. Madrid, 2008)


-SILVER MEDAL in recognition to his musical career, Serón (Almeria, 2008)

-FINALIST by Entre Cuerdas y Metales Special Award in recognition to his musical career, Cartagena (Spain, 2017)

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Andrés Pérez Bernabé, Orchestral and Band Conductor (SPAIN)

An Irish Dream

Angel Marín Matute, Choir Conductor (SPAIN)

Salmo nº149

Angel Serrano, Trumpetist (SPAIN)

Divertimento, Op.25

Arno Piters, Clarinetist (THE NETHERLANDS)

Quinteto nº1, Op.19

Artem Keschabyan, Violinist (ARMENIA/SPAIN)

Preludios Sinestésicos, Op.32

Banda da Armada Portuguesa - For Celebrating Navy Day (PORTUGAL)

Heroic Overture, Op.26a

Asociación Musical “El Castillo” de Serón Concert Band (SPAIN)

Asociación Musical "El Castillo", Op.24

Sinfónica Municipal de Alicante Concert Band - For Celebrating their First Centennial (SPAIN)

Fanfarria, Op.50

Primitiva de Pozo Cañada Concert Band (SPAIN)

Arrangement. Concierto para flautín y banda RV443 de Vivaldi

Ciclo de Jóvenes Solistas de la Alberca 2010 (SPAIN)

Preludios Sinestésicos, Op.32

Vert Clarinet Quartet (SPAIN)

Cuarteto nº1, Op.53 "Trágico"

Didsbury High School Symphonic Winds (CANADA)

A trip to Spain


European Overture, Op.42

La Noche de los Museos and Mucho Más Mayo Festivals 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 from Cartagena (SPAIN)

Banda Sonora de "A Ciegas"

Banda Sonora de "Reflejos"

Medusa, Op.30

Sonatango, Op.39

Tango Suite, Op.36

Tres Tristes Tangos, Op.41

Ginés Aznar, Saxofonist (SPAIN)

Bajo el Viento Azul, Op.20e

Grupo Teatral “Ditirambo” from Cartagena (SPAIN)

Marcha del Ditirambo

INTERNATIONAL TRUMPET GUILD - Grand Valley State University - Seminar 2013 (MICHIGAN, US)

Concertino de los Filabres, Op.54

Irene Sualdin, Harpist (ITALY)

Canciones Modales, Op.38

Isabel María Rubio Molina, Orchestral and Band Conductor (SPAIN)

Urban Concert, Op.60

Jan Cober, Orchestral and Band Conductor (THE NETHERLANDS)

European Overture, Op.42

Joaquín Asiain, Tenor - Costa Rica Tour 2012 (SPAIN/GERMANY)

 Arreglo. Canto a la Espada Toledana de Jacinto Guerrero

 Arreglo. Ay, Ay, Ay de Pérez Freire

 Arreglo. Caña Dulce de Daniel Zuñiga

José Chafer, Trompetist (SPAIN)

Concertino de los Filabres, Op.54

Jose Vicente Díaz, Orchestral and Band Conductor (SPAIN)

Fanfarria, Op.50

Kirk Wassmer, Orchestral and Band Conductor (CANADA)

A trip to Spain

Málaga Tuba Quartet - Italy Tour 2012 (SPAIN)

Fantasía Andaluza, Op.47

Manuel Pujante, Lyricist (SPAIN)

El Faro y la Mar, Op.58

María Alzallú, Flautist (SPAIN)

Bajo el Viento Azul, Op.20

Arreglo. Concierto para piccolo y banda RV443 de Vivaldi

María Loreto Lledó, Clarinetist (SPAIN)

Bajo el Viento Azul, Op.20a

Museo de las Bellas Artes de Murcia “MUBAM” (SPAIN)

Tres danzas, Op.37

Nigel Wood, Saxofonist (UNITED KINGDOM)

Work in progress

Numskull International Competition (SPAIN)

Rocking trombone!

Murcia Youth Orchestra “OJRM” (SPAIN)

Escenas Diabólicas, Op.29

Obertura Heroica, Op.26

Rubén García, Oboist (SPAIN)

Bajo el Viento Azul, Op.20b

Stanimir Todorov, Violonchelist (BULGARIA)

Sonata nº1, Op.28

Stephanie Schwartz, Oboist (GERMANY)

Tres piezas, Op.43

Thorwald Jorgensen, Thereminist (THE NETHERLANDS)

Pequeña Pieza, Op.2a

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena “UPCT” (SPAIN)

Himno Quirón UPCT

Vox Novus Fifteen Minutes of Fame 2012 (NEW YORK, US)

0:51, Op.51



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