Snail lullaby

Sunday, 02 August 2015

Any voice and instrument(s) (or one player only)

Indeterminate duration


Ask for an original and numbered manuscript in black ink on parchment: 

Program notes

Snail lullaby is a graphical composition that focuses on active performers, musicians who choose to perform different or unconventional works. As an indeterminate work, all singers can perform it. They can be accompanied with any instrument(s). It also supports unaccompanied versions or even exclusively instrumental performances.

This sweet lullaby, commissioned by Pedro Javier Yuste as a dedication to his goddaughter in 2013, draw a happy snail and, as a consequence it is not only a musical but also a visual artwork. It sings a poem written also by Javier Pérez Garrido. This poem tells us two parallel stories. Although they occur in different places, they magically converge at the end. On the one hand, we have the story of a delicate snail. After nightfall, it decides to sleep and start dreaming about flying through the clouds looking for freedom. On the other hand, a mother hugging and singing a lullaby to her little girl makes the baby fall asleep and she start dreaming that lives in the clouds, the place where both (snail and girl) meet and begin to play happily.



Contact composer:



Pedro Javier Yuste






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