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Fandango in Florida!

Wednesday, 03 March 2021

Concert Music / Spanish fandango

Grade 2

4:30 min. aprox.

Andalusian fandango commissioned by the Christ's Church Academy Band from Jacksonville and maestro Lee Ponder on the occassion of his 50th birthday as a band director in Florida (US).

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Program notes

This composition presents influences by Spanish traditional music, mainly from Andalusia, prioritizing typical elements of fandangos such as the ternary beat, the accompaniment with castanets (even clapping or tapping), the melodic lines and some harmonic resources.

As expected from this genre, the fandango progresses harmonically from Phrygian (D -with a majorized tonic-) to Ionic (Bb at the begining, F at the end). However, it doesn’t keep the traditional harmonic patterns in a view of having a more developed background. Its binary structure (AB) also presents influences by other spanish music styles such as the pasodoble. In addition, it should be noted the existence of a brilliant trumpet solo that precedes the two mentioned parts.

As a curiosity, this band work makes a nod to the North American musical culture by using some excerpts from the U.S. National Anthem. These motives are mixed with the melodies and harmonies of the fandango. We can’t forget that Florida was founded by Spaniards and was one of the colonies that contributed to the development of flamenco thanks to the inhabitants who returned from America to Spain with new musical ideas. For this reason, the composition also includes certain american influences in order to remind us of the importance of mixing cultures.

The Fandango in Florida! is dedicated to Mr. Lee Ponder and the Christ’s Church Academy Band from Jacksonville, who will premiere it next May 20, 2021 -rescheduling the 2020 concert, cancelled due to the pandemic-. This band is made up of brilliant instrumentalists who regularly receive awards and scholarships, also participating in other important instrumental groups such as the Florida All State Band, the Florida All State Orchestra, the Jacksonville Youth Symphony, the All District Band, etc. On the other hand, maestro Lee Ponder has received numerous accolades during his 50-year professional career, holding the honor of hosting his name among the directors selected at the Florida Hall of Fame.



Lee Ponder and the Christ's Church Academy Band from Jacksonville, Florida, US



May 20th, 2021
Christ's Church Academy Auditorium. Jacksonville (Florida, UNITED STATES)
Christ's Church Academy Band / Lee Ponder, director, conductor



Lee Ponder and the Christ's Church Academy Band from Jacksonville, Florida, US


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