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Far West Fantasy

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Concert Music / Fantasy

Grade 3

10 min. aprox.

Descriptive and symphonic fantasy based on the legendary and wild west winner by the Akademia Music Awards, Los Ángeles.

Program notes

Winner by the Akademia Music Awards, Los Ángeles (Best Ambient / Instrumental Music Category).


Far West Fantasy is an easy concert band composition that allows people not only have fun by playing or listening to it but also travel to the legendary Far West. Divided into four musical sections, this work tells us some old western scenes.

At the beginning and in a romantic sunrise scene, a cowboy rides his horse in a calm mood inside the fantastic landscape of the Great American Desert -listen to the temple block player imitating the steps of the horse-.

The second section describes a fantastic train journey through the Kansas Pacific Railway (a historic railroad from the 19th Century). From time to time, you can see some US army soldiers riding his horses across the Missouri River.

When arriving to Colorado the music turns into a magic rain dance scene sang and danced by a Navajo tribe (represented by the musicians). This third section uses some old Navajo words during the spell.

A little transition leads us get to the brilliant final scene: a big party at the best Far West saloon. When everybody is having a great time and everything can´t be better, suddenly, Buffalo Bill´s horse emerges alone at the saloon neighing and trying to join the party. After some silence, people start laughing a lot and continue dancing and drinking till the next day.



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PREVIEW PART Clarinet in Bb 1



June 28th, 2015
Auditorio Municipal. Santomera (Murcia, SPAIN)
Banda Infantil de la Asociación Músico Cultural Euterpe / Isabel M. Rubio, conductor



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